Shootrite Photos

We're really proud of our first indoor heated and cooled classroom. It's really a step up from our previous open air classroom.
Lake Guntersville is one of the best areas in the southeast for bass fishing, plus sking and boating. This is a view from one of the park camping grounds around the lake. When driving through the park be sure to keep an eye out for eagles and the numerous deer.
The South Sauty Diner is just down the road from Shootrite. This is where we normally have our lunch breaks. It has a great view of the lake, excellent food, good service, and they also have a 4 unit hotel right across the road. Sometimes in the mornings you'll see eagles diving into the lake for their breakfast.
Shootrite also provides training off site at your range facilities. Custom courses can be designed to fit your group or department's specific needs. This is a group photo of an Instructor Development class provided for the Gadsden Alabama Police Department.
The wall contains a variety of different materials set up to simulate the real world. Here the student uses the tires as an aid to accuracy to insure he makes good hits on the threat.
Various cut-outs require the student to crawl though holes as they work from one position to another.
Another portion of the wall. Here the students are working in a team format, covering for each other as they move from one position to another. This drill stresses movement, communication, and application of the fundamentals of marksmanship to score hits.
Precision Rifle classes include plenty of shooting that require the use of modified positions. In this photo the shooter is firing at a downward angle from the top of the "Hill Run." In the background is the "Wall."
Low Light classes are available for both pistol and carbine. Our advanced Precision Rifle courses also include a low light session. Here the shooters are using hand held lights with their rifles.
The Hangdun/Carbine Combatives course blends both weapons into one seamless package. In close quarters situations where you don't have the distance or time to reload the rifle the best option is a quick transition to the pistol.
Shootrite works closely in a partnership with Thunder Ranch. Clint Smith normally comes to Shootrite once a year to hold a series of classes on handgun and carbine use. These classes provide students in the Southeast the opportunity to train with Tiger and the leading instructor in the nation, Clint Smith.