From its first conception the goal of the Katana has been to produce a lightweight, simple and reliable carbine, a rifle that can fill any need - ideal for defensive or patrol work, 3-Gun competition or hunting, able to perform well at close, and mid range. Since its introduction in 2010 there has been a revolution in products and components for the AR platform, some of them more perfectly suited to the Katana concept than anything available at its introduction. The concept remains the same; the parts and players have evolved.
The Katana Collective - Tiger McKee, Director of Shootrite Firearms Academy, Randy Morris of MHT Defense and Matt Weathers, a Shootrite instructor, Alabama State Game Warden and AR expert - have brought decades of knowledge and experience together to produce the newest version of the Katana, an evolutionary leap forward in the quest for AR perfection.

The new version of the Katana is based on Colt's first attempt with the carbine length AR. In 1965 Colt produced the "605" carbine, which was built by cutting a standard twenty-inch barrel with a full length gas system down to 15 inches. The new Katana is based on Colt's original concept, but with a 16-inch barrel and contemporary components.

There are numerous advantages to the full or rifle-length gas system. The full-length gas system is more reliable. We've run a variety of "questionable" types of ammo through the Katana without a single problem. Recoil is reduced, providing quicker recovery for follow up shots. During testing we installed the Katana upper on a full auto lower. Recoil was almost nothing, and you didn't have to drive the muzzle downward to control it. The rifle-length sight radius, the distance between the front and rear sight, improves accuracy with the iron sights, especially for "older" eyes, and the long handguard allows you to place your support hand anywhere from the magwell almost out the muzzle and provides plenty of room for accessories.
The Katana comes with a "605" style flat-top upper - no external forward assist - from forged 7075 aluminum with 1913 rails. This is a unique upper; MHT is the only company producing it. When the Air Force originally ordered carbine-length weapons they wanted receivers without the external forward assist, the way Stoner designed the rifle. The original FA (forward assist) is the cutout in the side of the bolt carrier. The external FA was added later at the insistence of the Army, despite Stoner's objection. To meet the requirements of the Air Force order Colt used an external FA receiver and simply machined the area for the FA off the receiver. MHT did the same, retaining the old school look of the "605" but with rails, M4 feed ramps, and mil-spec hard-coat anodizing.

The upper has a heavy-duty ambi charging handle from Mech Armor. A Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed rear sight is standard, or you can have a Magpul folding rear sight. The bolt carrier is 8620 steel, M16 spec, with properly staked gas key. The bolt is Carpenter 158 steel, shot peened, High Pressure tested and Magnetic Particle Inspected. The extractor is tool steel with a Colt "Gold" extractor spring. A one piece firing pin retaining pin, as originally used by Colt, is standard and all BCG parts are nickel boron coated, which reduces friction, extends life, and makes cleaning easier.

Stoner designed the triangular shaped handguard for a reason - ergonomically it fits your hands perfectly. The Katana uses this same shape handguard, except it's free floated, constructed from carbon fiber and you can attach rails on the top, bottom, or sides. The long length allows you to position your hands anywhere, and provides plenty of room to attach any accessories you may need.

The Katana lower is forged from 7075 aluminum and machined by MHT - per Colt's original specs - with mil-spec hard-coat anodizing and the Shootrite logo engraved on the left side. The lower holds a nickel boron coated trigger, which is polished for a smooth, crisp trigger pull of approximately six pounds, an aluminum winter trigger guard and DuckBill Tactical grip. The Katana comes with a Magpul MOE fixed stock, which is an ideal length with a wider comb for improved cheek weld, or you can get a Magpul CTR adjustable stock with 7075 mil-spec receiver extension, staked castle nut and "H" buffer for reliability. Stocks come with a QD sling mount.
Every Katana is assembled one at a time, with each piece fitted by hand, much in the same way you would "blueprint" a high performance racing engine. They are tested for function, lubricated and ready to shoot. The Katana comes with an Agile Sling, soft carry case, two magazines, and a copy of "The Book of Two Guns," autographed and serial numbered to your carbine.

General Specs:

Barrel: 16" with rifle-length gas system, 1/7 twist, light-weight profile with .750 dia sight base. Chrome chamber and bore with custom MHT three-prong flash hider. Casting flash, bayo and sling mount removed and polished. Machined from CMV, per MIL-B-11595E, HP and MP tested, with heavy phosphate mil-spec parkerizing.

Bolt Assembly: 8620 steel carrier, M16 spec, with Carpenter 158 steel bolt, which is shot peened, HP and MPI tested, with tool steel extractor, Colt "Gold" spring and solid one piece firing pin retaining pin. All BCG parts are nickel boron coated.

Upper/Lower: MHT "605" flat-top style upper and MHT Shootrite lower machined from 7075 AL with mil-spec hard-coat anodizing.

Handguard: Precision Reflex Inc. Gen III carbon fiber rifle-length handguard, triangular shaped, with rails as desired.

Stock: Magpul MOE fixed stock or Magpul CTR adjustable stock. (Adjustable stocks with 7075 receiver extension, staked castle nut and "H" buffer.)

Trigger: Mil- spec components, polished and nickel boron coated with approximately 6 lb smooth release and positive reset.

Sights: Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed rear sight with fixed front sight. (Optional Magpul folding sights.)

MechArmor ambi charging handle, aluminum "winter" trigger guard, and DuckBill Tactical Grip.

All steel parts stripped and finished with mil-spec gray phosphate coating. Combat Labs Agile sling, soft carry case, and two magazines included with a copy of The Book of Two Guns autographed and numbered to your rifle's serial number.

Weight: 5 lbs, 14 oz. (fixed-stock)

Length: 34.5" (fixed-stock)

Available in FDE or Black. Complete Katana $1850; Uppers $1250

For more info or dealer pricing contact:
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