AR-15 Skills & Drills:

Learn to Run Your AR Like a Pro


With AR-15 Skills & Drills, learn Tiger McKee's methods to develop and hone the skills you need to manipulate the AR efficiently and shoot it accurately.

Inside this essential AR-15 training guide, discover new facts about the AR-15 and techniques to use it safely and efficiently. Detailed instructions provide you with dry- and live-fire drills to practice your skills, including:

  • Parts and operation of your AR
  • Firing and fighting positions and carry modes
  • Administrative and functional manipulations
  • Basic and combat marksmanship
  • Use of cover
  • Low-light operations
  • And so much more!

With hundreds of images demonstrating the concepts, AR-15 Skills & Drills details the essential physical and mental skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate the AR, and provides specific drills to develop and improve those skills.

ISBN-10: 144024720X
ISBN-13: 978-1440247200

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